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  Looking to fly cast a few extra feet?
Posted:   24-05-2013, 14:49 by Dave

A couple of years ago I was an average 100’ distance caster, the fly leg on my backcast sagged, I could only aerialise 60’ of line and my final delivery cast often clipped the ground behind me. Sound like you? Here’s a few hints I’ve used to add 20’ to my average distance casts, hold more line in the air and get tighter loops...

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  The Turon River
Posted:   01-07-2006, 20:30 by Dave

My first encounter with the Turon River was before my passion for fly fishing began, I always remembered it as a fast flowing river, there was always the sound of rushing water as it travelled from its upper reaches towards its end at the Macquarie junction. Even twelve months ago, when the locals were saying that the river was dead and there were no fish in it, I managed to find a trout, quite a decent sized one as well...

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