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  2013 Wrap up
Posted:   17-01-2014, 14:30 by Dave

Better late than never someone once said, 2013 is over and we’re half way through January 2014 - it’s about time I’ve updated. 2013 was certainly a year I’d like to forget in some aspects, explaining my hiatus from backcast; in November after having a sore that wouldn’t heal on my right temple checked out, the resulting biopsy was diagnosed as skin cancer - Squamous Cell Carcinoma; which fortunately is a non melanoma form of skin cancer...

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  Another Turon River weekend
Posted:   30-11-2013, 10:50 by Dave

The 24th of November is the date penned for the annual Sofala Carp Blitz, organised by the wonderful folk at the Sofala CAS, an event that I set aside each year to provide fly casting tuition to attendee’s. This year being no different to any other was another hot weekend, I arrived early on the Friday with Brad in hope of a couple of days rest and relaxation prior to the event...

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  First fly fishing session of the new season
Posted:   10-11-2013, 19:38 by Dave

The trip had been planned well in advance and we were all looking forward to it, for me it was the first chance of any fishing in the new season (its the first time I’ve missed fishing on opening weekend). We were blessed with amazing weather, the Thredbo River was flowing a treat...

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  I haven’t updated in a while
Posted:   07-11-2013, 11:01 by Dave

Here I sit, at a car wash typing away and it’s occurred to me, the blatantly obvious is now official, I haven’t made and update to backcast in a while - 58 days to be precise and while a lot has happened, not much really has! Fly casting and fishing has been virtually non existant, its been the first time since I can remember that I’ve missed the opening weekend of the fishing season, but I’ve been cycling and my Campagnolo collection is growing!..

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  Bringing a touch of Italian class
Posted:   10-09-2013, 20:47 by Dave

If you appreciate Italian quality then you’ll understand what a huge step this is, and really it can only be described with a picture...

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  Voting, cycling, dodging magpies, Strava and Campagnolo
Posted:   08-09-2013, 19:37 by Dave

The first week of September 2013 is done and dusted, while it should have been an exciting week where the sensational Spring weather prepares us for the summer that’s just around the corner; it wasn’t all that fantastic. In fact I’m sick of work place politics, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I mean why cant people find something more constructive and productive to do with their multitudes of free time!..

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  What happened to August...?
Posted:   31-08-2013, 21:56 by Dave

August was a month where a lot happened, Brad hit me up with the famed old saying; "dood, we’re doing the winter camp in August", and who was I to argue? I mean really; we were heading to a place I absolutely love, and grow even fonder of after each visit, Hill End...

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  Back to some form of normality?
Posted:   23-07-2013, 23:07 by Dave

Well, Le Tour de France is over, that means no more late nights and feeling sorry for myself every morning that I’ve been living off 3 odd hours of sleep. Whats more depressing is my bike is kind of busted, no fishing has been done, work has been really, really busy and I haven’t won the lotto!..

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  The Foil Fork arrived today
Posted:   15-07-2013, 21:38 by Dave

I pains me to write this, but these are the facts;
  1. It took 11 days to arrive.
  2. It cost me less.
  3. Locally I could not get an ETA.
  4. Locally to obtain an ETA I had to pay.
Considering the recent rapid decline of the Aussie dollar, the above does not make sense?..

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  It’s been a long time since the last time
Posted:   14-07-2013, 21:20 by Dave

In the period between 16/6 and today; it’s been cold, the weather’s been bad, my bed has been warm, the Tour de France has resulted in late nights and I’ve been lazy! They are the main excuses as to why I haven’t ridden, I may be persuaded to find a few more, but that would make me seem rather soft...

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