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Voting, cycling, dodging magpies, Strava and Campagnolo

Posted:   08-09-2013, 19:37 by Dave

The first week of September 2013 is done and dusted, while it should have been an exciting week where the sensational Spring weather prepares us for the summer that’s just around the corner; it wasn’t all that fantastic. In fact I’m sick of work place politics, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I mean why cant people find something more constructive and productive to do with their multitudes of free time!

Strava, last 
weeks av and yr to date

I’ve been riding, well trying to ride as much as possible, in the last two weeks I have clocked up a little over 300 kilometres and the weather on each ride has been great. But the unexpected warm weather has brought forth the magpies. You may remember my posts from last year, almost a year to the day about cycling in Spring with magpies, well they’re back. Today my helmet got hit six times by the same bird, while not the most aggressive magpie I’ve encountered it certainly brings an indescribable experience to the ride. This magpie resides near the Eastern Creek Waste Centre along the M7 cycleway, heading south just beyond the creek, as you get up the short hill be prepared to be swooped!

So I’ve set my Strava goal of trying to complete 3000k’s before year end, not sure how I’m going to fare with the year slipping and missing out on an opportune window to get out there mid winter. I upload all my rides to Strava, with a little over 1100k to go, if I can keep up the 150k’s per week I’m going to get close - that is weather permitting.

I’ve been riding SRAM Red since November last year, prior to that I was on Campagnolo. When I upgraded my ride I was talked out of Campy and offered the Red gruppo at a bargain price. It looks like today brings to an end my experience with SRAM; while I personally feel its better than shimano nobody can do it better than Campy. If the stars, sun and moon all align I should be back on Campy this coming week, this time round riding Record.

Quite possibly the last 
photo of my Scott Foil with SRAM RED

Yesterday was the day all Aussies go to the voting booths and vote for who they believe should (or could) run our country best. Personally I’ve felt the last six years have been wasted, the Labor government has been riddled with infighting between its factions, leadership has changed and then swung back to K. Dudd (whoops Rudd) and when they realised ex-Prime Minister Gillard wouldn’t stand a chance in the next election they re-instated the pseudo messiah. The lies this government told, they fooled the masses who’d entrusted them and now finally they’re out - and GOOD RIDDANCE! I’m a subscriber to Labor Sucks; and while I think each and every politician has their own agenda the Libs plain and simply run our country better.

I’m glad to see Labor gone and with it those city slickers who think they’re all about the bush - the Greens. Here’s how my votes looked:

Shooters and Fishers 
along with the Libs

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