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The HL7 Converter.

Being involved in Radiology IT I am constantly trying to improve my skills, here are some applications that I develop to better my VB.NET ability. Who knows, this could one day lead to fame, fortune and a life full of bikini clad women downloading these files, or even better, harrassing me for fly casting lessons  
Health Level 7
Its the global standard for interoperability between health information systems. An example message:

MSH|^~&|SNDFAC|ECODE|DR.RIS|SNDFAC|20110713112028||ORM^O01|Q77984373 T78319830||2.3
PID|1|0000001^^^ECODE^MRN^|0000001^^^ECODE^MRN^~0000001^^^ECODE^||SU RNAME^Firstname^Middle^^MR^^L||19000101|M|||||||||||20000007881|||||||ELIGI BLERES
PV1|1|I|COD000||||0000000A^Doc^Ref^^^^^^^^^^ORG DOC^|^^^^^^^^^^^^^|||||||||0000000B^A^Doc^^^^^^^^^^ORG DOC^||20000^^^ Encounter^Visit|XX||||||||||||||||||||||||20110712125700|
ORC|NW|20006^A_ORDERID|||NW||||20110713112004|^Person^Name^^^^^^^^^ ^^||^^^^^^^^^^^^^|||20110713112023|^||Written^Written|^Person^Name
OBR|1|20006^A_ORDERID||XRC^XRay Chest||||||||||||0000000A^Doc^Ref^^^^^^^^^^ORG DOC^||||||20110713112023||XRay|||1^^0^20110713112000^^3-ROUTINE|||
NTE|1|Clinical History|Chest pain L thorax
OBX|1|ST|Contact^Contact Phone/Page||1000

The HL7 Converter takes the above and makes it human readable. (copy the above text and save it as test.hl7 file in your documents)

The HL7 Converter is still in early stages of development, one requirement is that line breaks are present between message segments. With a single block of text the converter is unable to differentiate when a new segment begins/ends. The next version of the HL7 Converter will address this issue and add a new gui.

Requires the latest version of .NET.

Download here

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