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Spring is in the air

Posted:   09-09-2012, 19:59 by Dave

Spring is here, the weather is amazing and the magpies are swooping!
The weather around town has been fantastic, went for a 30k ride on Thursday, 30k on Friday and 40k today, I must admit the wind has been vicious, late afternoons are when its at its worst and the last 10k of todays ride was tough.

Friday was the second magpie attack in a week, 6 swoops and the bird then waited for me perched high on a branch at the overpass on Old Windsor Rd, I had to get off the bike, being clipped in and falling isnít fun. Once off the bike, our friendly magpie decided to call it a day and I didnt encounter him on the return route.

Speaking of clipped in, saw a poor bloke go over this morning on the Gt Western Hwy at Glenbrook, slowing down he grabbed at one of those short reflective posts, you know the flexible ones...
Unable to unclilp he hit the deck pretty hard, I have to say, I did feel for him.

Pinarello at the M4 / M7 junction, the Lighthorse Interchange. Absolutely glorious weather.

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