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Off to Sofala for a camp

Posted:   19-05-2013, 20:42 by Dave

I started packing quite late, was hoping to leave at about 11am, but as per usual I get held up, didnít leave till 1pm. The long drive to Sofala felt like it took for ever, by 5pm I was set up and dashed around frantically to pick up what ever kindling I could find.

By 7pm I was sitting around the fire sipping the 2006 Arrowfield Estate Shiraz.

Brad arrived a little earlier than anticipated, but needless to say I was pretty much a mess, having polished off the shiraz plus a can of Bundy Red and Cola. Watching Brad set up I was glad it was me sitting around and not the usual reverse as has been the last x number of camping trips we have done together.

Greeted by a cold yet sunny morning and I was very, very hung over, I forgot to pack the eggs, so settling for a bacon, cheese and tomato roll times two was exactly what the doctor ordered (and a couple of neurofens to numb the pain).

Having down sized on the camping gear over the last year, hereís what my set up looks like:

Bradís still one heavy camper, take note of the tiny hire car - how he fits all that gear in, Iíll never get a full grasp of, hereís the token comparo photo:

Later on in the afternoon I decided to go for a short fishing session, last year there were a few rainbows around. Wasnít expecting all that much as the river was almost at a standstill a few months back and there were reports of fish kills. My expectations didnít let me down, not a fish sighted or spooked. Some photos of the Turon in its current state (mind you its in quite good condition):

And so another year passes.

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