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Rock hopping, Jindy style!

Posted:   24-02-2012, 22:00 by Dave

Hard few weeks at work and a few well earned days of rest. Got a chance to spend a few days at Jindy to recover, do some riding and fishing, catch up with some friends and have some alone time :-).

There is a section of the Thredbo I have always eyed off, looked pretty tough and it certainly did live up to expectations, my legs, arms, shoulders, back and chest ached for days. I didnt manage to catch any fish and neither did Ed. Glen, on the other hand did bag a few.

A little way up the river, this is what it looked like:

Glen spying into a nice pool:

More :

Glen and Ed looking upstream of some clearer water, felt like an eternity of rock hopping to get there:

One to tick off the bucket list!

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