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What happened to August...?

Posted:   31-08-2013, 21:56 by Dave

August was a month where a lot happened, Brad hit me up with the famed old saying; "dood, we’re doing the winter camp in August", and who was I to argue? I mean really; we were heading to a place I absolutely love, and grow even fonder of after each visit, Hill End.

While a lot happened, unfortunately I don’t have all that much to say, so here it is in photos:

Camp trip, 8-11 August, as mentioned above, Hill End;

Hill End fire 

cobb & co, lost in 

Yesterdays relics...

Campsite as it 

Brad and the big 

Harsh roads meant 
for tough times on the bike

Hidden scenery 
thats usually missed when driving past

Dinner with my old buddy, Mark;

Nothin’ better than a 
good ol’ parma

Some more riding;

Scott Foil, back on 
the Mavic Cosmic wheels

More Foil...

Clocking up a few 
more k’s in the wind

Final thoughts: seriously thinking of going back to Campy, watch this space...

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