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Outback Steakhouse, dining at its best?

Posted:   21-08-2012, 21:52 by Dave

One of the worst dinning experiences, avoid the Outback Steakhouse, in particular at Parklea.

Here’s my letter of complaint, sent via their websites feedback form:

Earlier this evening I had dinner at your Parklea restaurant. From less than favourable previous experiences I have avoided it like the plague. Tonight’s experience didnt offer any respite!

From the moment I walked in the service was average, noting the slight change of menu, rather expensive pricing and small variety of choice. I spend on average approximately $250 per week eating out and Outback Steakhouse wont be seeing any portion of this money again.

I decided on a light meal along with a friend, splurging on the pasta with prawn and scallops while my friend decided on the no rules burger. I must say the burger appeared impressive, but the pasta held a few surprises of its own - what on closer inspection seemed to be a piece of half chewed meat!

The waiter stopped by asking if everything was OK, I showed him the piece of meat. Quite surprised he walked off, on return bringing a bread plate and asking for the sample to be placed on the plate, for which I assumed would be closely inspected.

Alas, no return and another dissapointing evening.

For your information, I was seated on table 31/1, the Chk number on the receipt is 3077.

Thank you for the fond memories.

I wonder if they will get back to me?

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