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Outback responds

Posted:   22-08-2012, 14:58 by Dave

In response to my notification regarding the quality of service and food;

Hi David,
I appreciate your feedback and will raise the issue with the rest of the management team as well as the person who served you. We take all feedback seriously and use it for further training and development of our staff, I appreciate your loyalty to our restaurant and if you do indeed choose to dine with us again I would love to send you some vouchers, this kind of service regardless of what you might have experienced is not within the norm for us but it seems like we have missed out with you.

Once again thank you for taking the time to write us and I hope that you will send me a P.O. Box address or an address that I can send the vouchers to.

I bring a new meaning to the word stubburn (as most who know me will appreciate), I wont go back and I wont get suckered in by a voucher!

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