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The Foil Fork arrived today

Posted:   15-07-2013, 21:38 by Dave

I pains me to write this, but these are the facts;

  1. It took 11 days to arrive.
  2. It cost me less.
  3. Locally I could not get an ETA.
  4. Locally to obtain an ETA I had to pay.
Considering the recent rapid decline of the Aussie dollar, the above does not make sense?

The unfortunate reality of my two passions in life is the above applies to both, and try as hard as I can its impossible to justify the pricing of local stores, re; chronicle entry I wrote last night. My example may possibly be an extreme case due to the nature of the item required, but it seems to be a reality that in general a few small changes to provide consumer satisfaction could have ultimately ended in a sale and more in store spending on my behalf. Cycling and fly fishing have a lot in common; those who participate in the sports seriously are passionate and they tend to purchase a lot of gear. As I’ve discussed with some in both industries, the ability for suppliers to have enough stock available and the ability to try before you buy makes a world of difference, case in point for both Trek bicycles (their Rouse Hill store which offers test rides and organised group rides) and Sage fly fishing - Peter Morse is exceptional at demo-ing equipment to the average punter while helping fix their casting problems.

Scott Foil 20 fork

Interestingly enough this article appeared on the SMH website today: watching shoppers snap and walk out. The chief exec of Bike Force notes the following:

Bill Gordin can spot a ’’price checker’’ fairly easily these days, a customer who roams his bike shop not looking to buy but rather trawling for prices to compare with rapacious overseas online websites.

The focus here seems to be away from the consumer. Hello? This is the person with cash in hand and waiting to spend it! I’m certain if online prices were comparable to those in store (or the stores website) consumer spending would stay local or in store.

Mind you, not all places are like this, I’ve purchased bike items from the bikebug store at North Sydney where the items marked store price has been discounted to or matched to their online price. Stores such as High Country Outfitters and Compete Angler in Sydney, while a little more pricier than their overseas online competitors always give me that warm fuzzy feeling and I’m more than happy to outlay that little extra, and most people I know are of the same sentiment. It’s about providing that warm and fuzzy feeling, people will return to get that feeling!

Rear view of the fork

Not having ridden my bike in four weeks I’m looking forward to getting riding it again and with an upgraded crankset, currently SRAM Red Black compact chain rings sit in the bottom bracket, soon to be replaced with a 52/36 crankset that were acquired some time ago. Just waiting on some matte black spacers to arrive and she’ll be back on the road!

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