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May 2013 Chronicles:

  A manic Monday
Posted:   20-05-2013, 21:33 by Dave

Today started out not as I had planned, slight sleep in getting up at 7.15am which was good but I just couldnt warm up, it felt like -10 degrees. I went downstairs ate some breakfast and had a coffee (every day is made better with coffee)...
  Off to Sofala for a camp
Posted:   19-05-2013, 20:42 by Dave

I started packing quite late, was hoping to leave at about 11am, but as per usual I get held up, didnít leave till 1pm. The long drive to Sofala felt like it took for ever, by 5pm I was set up and dashed around frantically to pick up what ever kindling I could find...
  The Fenix arrives...!
Posted:   07-05-2013, 20:02 by Dave

My new Garmin Fenix GPS watch arrived this afternoon...

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