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  Bringing a touch of Italian class
Posted:   10-09-2013, 20:47 by Dave

If you appreciate Italian quality then you’ll understand what a huge step this is, and really it can only be described with a picture...
  Back to some form of normality?
Posted:   23-07-2013, 23:07 by Dave

Well, Le Tour de France is over, that means no more late nights and feeling sorry for myself every morning that I’ve been living off 3 odd hours of sleep. Whats more depressing is my bike is kind of busted, no fishing has been done, work has been really, really busy and I haven’t won the lotto!..
  Go the Magpies! OR maybe not...
Posted:   24-08-2012, 13:55 by Dave

OK, so I was a fan of the old league team, the Western Suburbs Magpies, but today I was not a fan - well not a fan of the írealí magpie, the bird. (go you tigers!)..
  THE Green Grocer!
Posted:   17-08-2012, 17:34 by Dave

Started the long journey to Goulburn this morning, got the water boiling, packed the coffee into the plunger and poured myself a grinders crema into my travel mug, packed some choc-chip cookies and finally hit the road at 7.20am...
  Going for a long ride, well sorta...
Posted:   16-08-2012, 21:38 by Dave

OK, so its time to head back to the Green Grocer Cyclery, the place where I purchased it not all that long ago!..

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