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July 2013 Chronicles:

  Back to some form of normality?
Posted:   23-07-2013, 23:07 by Dave

Well, Le Tour de France is over, that means no more late nights and feeling sorry for myself every morning that I’ve been living off 3 odd hours of sleep. Whats more depressing is my bike is kind of busted, no fishing has been done, work has been really, really busy and I haven’t won the lotto!..
  It’s been a long time since the last time
Posted:   14-07-2013, 21:20 by Dave

In the period between 16/6 and today; it’s been cold, the weather’s been bad, my bed has been warm, the Tour de France has resulted in late nights and I’ve been lazy! They are the main excuses as to why I haven’t ridden, I may be persuaded to find a few more, but that would make me seem rather soft...
  Late le Tour nights and rediscovery of the Philishave...
Posted:   07-07-2013, 15:24 by Dave

Just about every night is becoming a very late one watching the Tour de France, last night’s eighth stage in particular was an amazing finish for team Sky and as many are iterating very ’Armstrong-ish’. Sky were clinical in pace making and pushed the peleton to their limits as they travelled through two climbs from Castres to Ax-3-Domaines...
  The Foil Fork arrived today
Posted:   15-07-2013, 21:38 by Dave

I pains me to write this, but these are the facts;
  1. It took 11 days to arrive.
  2. It cost me less.
  3. Locally I could not get an ETA.
  4. Locally to obtain an ETA I had to pay.
Considering the recent rapid decline of the Aussie dollar, the above does not make sense?..

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