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August 2012 Chronicles:

  Olympus OM-D
Posted:   31-08-2012, 17:41 by Dave

After some long thought, then some further long thought and a little more procrastination I decided on the camera I wanted to upgrade to. If the stars, sun and moon aligned, there was world peace and I came across a large sum of money I would have opted for the Fuji X-Pro1, but alas none of the above has happened, so second best sometimes is best!..
  Another return visit to TCD
Posted:   26-08-2012, 21:48 by Dave

Its been quite some time since I frequented what I class as one of the toughest water to fish in the Central Tablelands of NSW, Thompsons Creek Dam. This place has broken me a number of times and continues to do so, its more off than on and today was another day full of let downs that strangely enough held some great attributes...
  Go the Magpies! OR maybe not...
Posted:   24-08-2012, 13:55 by Dave

OK, so I was a fan of the old league team, the Western Suburbs Magpies, but today I was not a fan - well not a fan of the írealí magpie, the bird. (go you tigers!)..
  Outback responds
Posted:   22-08-2012, 14:58 by Dave

In response to my notification regarding the quality of service and food;..
  Outback Steakhouse, dining at its best?
Posted:   21-08-2012, 21:52 by Dave

One of the worst dinning experiences, avoid the Outback Steakhouse, in particular at Parklea...
  THE Green Grocer!
Posted:   17-08-2012, 17:34 by Dave

Started the long journey to Goulburn this morning, got the water boiling, packed the coffee into the plunger and poured myself a grinders crema into my travel mug, packed some choc-chip cookies and finally hit the road at 7.20am...
  Going for a long ride, well sorta...
Posted:   16-08-2012, 21:38 by Dave

OK, so its time to head back to the Green Grocer Cyclery, the place where I purchased it not all that long ago!..

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